Friday, October 25, 2013

Today I believe...

…That it’s important to find something to always look forward to.
…That it’s a bittersweet sight to watch the October leaves falling down right in front of you. It’s almost like they've given up for the year, that they no longer have the strength to hold on, but as they slowly dance their way off the trees, you somehow know they’re okay with it. It’s comforting to know that sometimes beauty only lasts for a short while. 
…That Boston really is the best city for sports, and if you’re not a fan at all but curious about the score of the game, just go on Facebook and I’m sure 60 people will fill you in.

…That there’s really nothing more refreshing than taking a pen to a paper with endless opportunities to write your thoughts, your dreams, your fears, and to then close the book and never speak of those thoughts again if you don’t want to. You got them off your chest, and you gave life to the empty sheet of paper. Let go and let God handle the rest.
…That when someone says they love you, take what they say, appreciate their courage to say it, hold onto their words, but don’t swallow it yet. Actions speak much louder than words, and if someone really loves you, they will love all of you, every part of you, they won’t ever give up when things get tough, and they will prove it.
…That I would much rather mingle with a regular crowd full of regular, honest people who have inspiring stories to tell, people who have familiarity with real life experiences, people who might not have everything, but can give you the best advice you’ve ever heard. These are the people worth listening to.

... That it's important to never let go of the people who touch your heart. They're there for a reason. You met them for a reason: either to change their life, or for them to change yours. 
…That older people might drive slower, might speak slower, might even aggravate you at times, but these people have seen far more than you have. They know the world just a little bit better than you do. Give them a break, let them take their time. Someday, you’ll be just like them.
… That animals give you a special love that you can’t get anywhere else.

…That there’s a certain thrill I can only feel from seeing the Nashville skyline, and that I am so lucky that it will be in my view in just about 12 hours, surrounded by the people who love me most...
…That I need this blog way more than it needs me.