Friday, May 18, 2018

Let's Talk Plants, Greenery, & Why I LOVE Wreath Goddess Design

I grew up in a house full of plants.  Literally.  My mom had several plants in every room, including my parents' bedroom, living room, kitchen, you name it.  And let's not forget about the cute little aloe plant that lived in my room.  I helped water it and keep it alive.  That's a pretty big deal for a 5 year old.  Plus, if I got a burn or boo-boo, I thought it was so cool that the aloe from the plant would help soothe me.  I grow the plant, I keep it alive, I get hurt, the plant helps me heal.  How cool is that?  Friends helping friends, ya know?

I always thought it was fascinating how my mom could help these plants that lived inside my house grow to be so big!  But nothing beat the coleus plants she would grow outside.  Those would grow to be THIS big (okay, way bigger but you get it), and they would flourish and thrive all season long.  She said my grandmother gave her her green thumb, and wouldn't ya know, all these years later, and my thumb is turning just as green!  They always say you end up like your mother one way or another!

Now, here I sit, in my lakeside little home, surrounded by...... plants!  Some of these I bought as baby plants, a couple of them are fake (well because Nala eats them, and I don't want her to die!!), but most of them I grew from little seedlings, and they are now part of the fam.

So hey, at the end of the day, if I can't write and publish my own book... oh wait, I did do that.... at least I can grow some pretty good looking greenery!  Also, I now grow Nala her own catnip to enjoy and keep her entertained so that she stops biting everything... including me.

BUT, let's talk about who has the real talent here.  I introduce to you, my cousin Megan Leduc.  She is the brains and the skill behind Wreath Goddess Design.  Let me just brag about her for a second... This girl's middle naaaaaaame is Creative.  She hand makes the most professional custom design wreaths for all different occasions and styles.  When I realized that my living room door was lacking something, I immediately pictured in my head a classic plain, green wreath made of bay leaves - or my favorite - eucalyptus leaves. I told Megan about this vision, and she immediately made it come to life.  Within days, she presented to me the most beautiful wreath for my door.  Not only is it exactly what I was imagining, it is so masterfully crafted, and so durable!  At Wreath Goddess Design, Megan can also make your dream wreath into a reality!  If you know you want a gorgeous wreath of your own but can't decide what design you want, Megan will certainly help you here.  Feel free to browse some of her examples (each wreath is named after a song, how cool is that?!) on her website.  So really guys, if you know your house, front door, bedroom door, etc. is looking a little lonely, go to Wreath Goddess Design and have Megan make the perfect wreath for you!

So, no matter whether you hand grow your greens from seeds, buy them as baby plants, hang pretend but very real looking wreaths from your door, or have a fake ficus tree full of white lights in your living room, you should really surround yourself with the appearance of plants!  Real plants can help your health in so many ways such as bringing oxygen into your house and helping you breathe, calming anxiety, reducing headaches, etc.  Growing your own herbs is exciting especially when you can finally eat them, and you'll save money at the grocery store!  And, if you don't have a green thumb and have a house full of fake plants, who cares?  Just waking up to a house full of plants and flowers can put you in a better mood.  Who doesn't love some bright and beautiful colors in their house?