Tuesday, March 1, 2016


February was the best month. It was packed with adventures, and each week lead to the excitement of what was planned for the upcoming weekend.  Now that it’s over and we are on to March, I’m starting to get amped up for Spring and the warmer weather to (hopefully) arrive, and stay!
The weekend before last, Paul and I headed up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine, where we stayed for two nights with some of his family and friends and enjoyed the beach atmosphere in the winter. It’s an odd feeling, kind of hard to explain, when you see all your favorite summer spots and attractions shut down.  It’s eerie to see the roller coaster at a complete standstill, no one walking through the streets, no one selling towels, no open late night snack shops.  But in that emptiness, there’s a glimmer of excitement because you know it’ll come again, that smell of beach air, suntan lotion, mid-day Blue Moons on the pier overlooking the waves. Paul and I  ended Saturday night by sharing a bottle of wine on the beach, sitting on a blanket listening to the sounds of the waves.  Totally illegal, but totally worth it.  Money can't buy that kind of happiness...well it can buy the bottle of wine, but you know what I mean. You can't put a price on those late night memories.  Sunday, on our way home from Maine, we spent some time driving by the coast, and stopping for milkshakes at the cutest spot.  We played arcade games, ate beach pizza, and again noticed how many places were shut down for the winter.  But nevertheless, we made the weekend so fun, and we remembered that in just a short few months, we would be back, wearing flip flops and tanned skin.  Summer comes around.  It always does.

Then, al I had to do was make it through one work week before another enjoyable weekend arrived.  It was my birthday weekend, and everyone who knows me knows that I get so eager about my birthday every year!  Who doesn’t love being the center of attention and getting dressed up to celebrate with your favorite people? I know I do, and It was the perfect birthday weekend, indeed.  It started with morning love from Nala, shopping and lunch (where I didn't get carded - ugh!) and trying on all different kinds of outfits and modeling for the mirror, until I finally decided to wear my original choice. Then the day went on. More perfect memories were made by a beautiful dinner, a healthy nature walk, my mom’s homemade Funfetti cake, and the most thoughtful gifts in the world.  This girl could not have welcomed 29 in any better way.  And one of the absolute best parts?  Paul had a cake made with a big picture of my perfect little Nala on it, and had it delivered to me by a group of singing wait staff at the restaurant where we had my birthday dinner, surrounded by friends and family.  It certainly was a moment I’ll never forget.


Thanks for capturing this moment, Angela!

I think Nala was a little jealous that it wasn't her big day, and she got sick of me trying to attack her with love and kisses. Typical.  Anyway, now that my birthday and quite the busy month are in the past, I’m focusing my gaze on warmer temperatures, the scent of the Spring rain when it hits the pavement, and more reasons to write.  My poetry book is about halfway finished, and I can’t wait to publish and begin selling it!  I’m determined to continue the promise to myself to make sure 2016 kicks some serious ass, and to focus on making 29 my best year yet.  Let’s do this, people!