Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Foxiest Detox :: Skinny Fox Detox

As some of you may already know from following my Instagram, I recently collaborated with the lovely ladies at Skinny Fox Detox and began their Signature 28 Day Detox. Now before you get all apprehensive on me, hear me out. This detox does not make you go to the bathroom every 5 minutes, it does not taste bad, and it does not strip your body of necessary nutrients. In fact, it does the opposite of that!

The Skinny Fox Detox consists of two different teas, one you drink every morning for 28 days, and one you drink before bed every other night.  Their “Hello Gorgeous” morning tea is quite tasteful, very smooth, and is made up of strong natural teas and herbs to help boost your metabolism and give you the energy you need to get going for the day. The greatest part? This tea also fights fat accumulation, and come on, everyone everywhere wants something to help fight their fat, and if you have no fat, well then we can’t be friends. Just kidding, we can be friends, but I’m jealous of you.

The evening “Goodbye Cherry Pie" tea  is delicious! In my opinion, I liked the evening tea even better than the morning tea. This tea is blended with a natural but gentle, I repeat gentle laxative (Senna) to help rid your body of unwanted and unnecessary toxins. Don’t worry though, the natural herbs also included in this tea will help to prevent stomach cramping. I didn’t find myself running to the bathroom, I just realized that the tea made going to the bathroom a regular and easy experience. It is a detox after all, and it’s helping you remove all those gross toxins that unknowingly build up in your body.  This tea is made in tea bags that are oxygen whitened, so you don’t have to worry about bleach or other chemicals entering your precious little body.

I was so excited when I got my detox package in the mail. They make it look so cute before you even try it out. I knew right away I was going to enjoy this experience!!

Because the morning tea is a loose leaf tea, not in a teabag, I decided to create my own type of tea bag and used a natural coffee filter, put a spoon full of the tea in the filter, and stapled it together to imitate a teabag. It worked out just fine for me!! 

Keep in mind, when detoxing, it’s important not to introduce new toxins into your body, so you should try your best to try to keep away from excess sugar, meat (which was clearly easy for me since I’m already a vegetarian), excessive alcohol, white pasta, bread, or rice, artificial sweeteners, etc. Everyone slips up here and there, so don’t punish yourself if you do. Just wake up and decide to be healthier the next day! 

Here's a before photo: 

 Here's a during photo: (Don't mind the mess, we were sorting laundry in the background!)

Working out has been a regular part of my lifestyle... but I had taken a couple months off during the Fall months, and I knew I just didn't feel right. I needed to get back into my normal routine, and this detox gave me the perfect excuse to begin being myself again. Throughout my detox with Skinny Fox, I cooked healthy meals and worked out regularly at the gym after work, which is helpful to compliment the effects of the detox. I did forget one or two times to drink the tea in the morning or night, but I’m only human, but I got right back on track as soon as I remembered. No one’s perfect, but the most perfect thing you can do for yourself is to take care of your health, and with summer and beach/bathing suit season coming, why not kick it off with your own detox experience?! I promise, you’ll be coming back to thank me!

I definitely experienced a very noticeable heightened energy level, less bloating, little to no hunger pains, and a very light and clean feeling. 

Here's an after photo taken just two days ago.... I'm quite happy with my results and can't wait to detox again!

If you’re interested but don’t yet want to try it for 28 days, you’re in luck, you can also purchase a 14 day detox to see how it works for you… AND, the best of all? Because you’re my readers and because Skinny Fox believes in your satisfaction, they have given me my own special 10% off code for all my readers to use when they purchase their own detox! Just use the code “FoxyHolly” at check out, and you will receive 10% off your order! Go ahead, check it out!!

Happy Detoxing!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Anticipation of April...

I’ve always had a strange relationship with April. One that both hurts and heals. One that excites me and lets
me down.  It’s a month of perplexity, rainfall, a glimpse of sunbeams, and an eagerness that waits for June.

You see, April is famous for melting away my cool winter days, removing the tense bitterness I see and feel everywhere, but it always leaves me wanting more.  It really brings out the impatience in me. It seems that April is a month of tricks and teases, beginning on its first day, considering it is a month that officially begins with fooling the lighthearted, the most gullible of people… and that is really just what it does to me. April fools me into believing that sunnier, more delicious days are right around the corner, while the clouds then blush and laugh at me, crying buckets of drizzle to rinse those hopes away. It puzzles me how sometimes the rain falls in a graceful pattern, and other times it pounds hard on my heart. How bizarre that the rainfall can both keep me up all night, while other nights, it can soothe me right to slumber. 

It’s alright, I suppose.  As I’ve grown up a bit, I’ve learned that April is a month of lessons. It teaches me to wait for what I want, while not forgetting about where I am and what it takes to get there. It gives me a taste of what’s to come, and it reminds me to hold on for sweeter days ahead. It reminds me that it's okay to just dance in it's glimmer. April is really just the beginning of a beautiful ride, and if I can just hold on through the rain, I’ve made it through the uphill climb. 

So April, here’s to you.