Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What I've learned in 2014...

Take chances. If your gut is telling you do so something, then you probably should. Who cares what other people have to say about it? They’re still going to sleep the same way regardless. It’s your life.

I’ve learned that it’s absolutely okay to feel like I’m a different person than I was at this point last year. It’s acceptable to grow up, to go to bed earlier, and to enjoy making dinner at home more than going out partying. The hangovers aren’t always worth it, but taking care of my body is.

With that being said, it’s also okay to party like a rock star when the time is right.

We should all try to stop worrying so much— Most of the time we stress over things that never even transpire anyway. Things are going to happen, and people are going to do whatever they want no matter what. Trust the process.

Tell the people you love just how much you love them. Do things for them. Prove to them that they matter.  

Remember that everyone has different dreams. Just because yours might not coincide with someone else’s doesn’t mean either of you are wrong. It just means you’re on different paths, and that’s okay. Support them anyway.

Let someone be mad at you. Let someone miss you. Let people have their say. The people you love the most will have the ability to hurt you the most. Love them anyway.

Read. Reading nourishes the brain and the mind. I’ve learned more about people through fictional characters than you’d think. A book is a simple world of letters, sentences, and imaginary pictures, but it’s a beautiful world to get lost in.

Confide in people, but don’t confide too much. Some secrets are meant to be kept between just you and yourself. It helps keep you close to your inner being and reminds you that you come first.

Protect your passion. Let others protect theirs. Don’t let anyone bring you down and at the same time, don’t make people feel bad about things that make them happy.

Be nice to strangers, and

Let the sunshine hit your face. Remember how lucky you are to have that chance.

Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

We wait...
For the sun to rise,
For our coffee to be the perfect blend of milk and sugar,
For lunch breaks,
For laughter over cooking dinner,
For the comfort in stretching your legs out over your boyfriend’s lap on the couch, and
For the moon to shine through your window.
We wait for December,
For the holidays,
For the excitement of your first Christmas tree in a new apartment,
For the arrival of family,
For the tears to stream down your face over an inside joke with your friends,
For perfect days full of a sisterly bond no one can break,
For today…
And then we wait again for tomorrow,
And then tomorrow comes and we wait some more.
We wait for the struggle of goodbyes,
 and we beg for our voices not to crack when we say,
“When are you coming home next? I really can’t wait…”
And just like that, we find ourselves moving through days, and months, and seasons,
holding out for new excitements, and new endeavors… 
and while we don't even realize we are doing it,
we wait...