Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Tennessee Trip & My Fascination with Airports

There’s something thrilling about traveling alone, about drinking solo at the airport bar and making friends with people you’ll probably never see again.  Call me strange, but I get such simple enjoyment out of people watching and wondering where everyone is going, where everyone is coming from.  Are these families going on tropical vacations?  Are some here for business?  Are some people here for sad reasons like visiting a sick friend or family member?  

There are so many possibilities, and after a couple glasses of Pinot and a small buzz, I’ve got a story for everyone.  I’ve already decided who’s here on their honeymoon, who just broke up with their cheating boyfriend and is about to start their life over in the city, and who is flying to Hawaii to sit on the beach, write poetry, and live off the earth, mon. 

Then, as I pay my bill at the airport bar and realize that my plane is already boarding without me, a thought hits me.  Does anyone wonder why I'm here?  Do people stop and think, why is this 30-something blonde girl taking selfies and killing time over chowder and wine? (no, I do not eat the clams, I just like the broth)  Where is she coming from?  Where is she headed?  Oh, that's right, she's off to marry the love of her life on a beach in Fiji!!! (I'm kidding guys, just wanted to make sure you were awake.)  No, but really, do you think anyone even cares what my deal is?

Well,  MY SISTER LIVES IN NASHVILLE AND I HAVE A PERMANENT VACATION SPOT FOREVER, so.  And not to mention, by happenstance, my aunt and uncle were about to be in Nashville the same weekend, so a bit of QT family time was on the itinerary.  Some serious coffee, thrift shopping, antiquing, hunting for the the-best-photo-ops, a little mid-day yoga on the city street, and capping the night off with some damn good drinks were also completely necessary, aaaaaaaaand half of my heart already belongs to this perfect city, so..... my deal is this:  I bask in the greatness of the South once again, and you get to look at all my cute pics.  

You're welcome, y'all!


Nashville, til we meet again... <3 

Photo cred: Platinum Circle Media