Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Poetry and Changing Seasons

I always get weird at this time of year, but you already know that.  I write about it almost every late August or early September.  You see, as much as I love the fall, I can't help but wake up with knots of both excitement and sadness in my stomach each morning when that crisp breeze hits me, floating in through my bedroom window.  

With that being said, I figured now, the end of summer, would be a perfect time to post one of my favorite poems I wrote a little while back, along with a photo of the lake I live on.  Living on the water just does something to your whole mindset - it makes you feel all kinds of ways.  So keep an eye out, you just might see this piece in my upcoming poetry book that I am still working hard on! Maybe my upcoming trip to Toronto will evoke enough emotion in me to spill out the final touches needed to complete the book.  #AutumnGoals


Waiting on You

Waiting on 
summer days
orange mornings and purple nights
a full wine glass after an evening fight
how the lake makes everything all right

Waiting on 
bright white stars
on boats and waves and sweating hearts
with hopes to catch a glimpse of Mars
and drinks on docks instead of bars

Waiting on 
sandy feet
a place where we all will meet
to laugh and sing and cheers to this
a place I'll go to reminisce

Waiting on you
on changes made and warmer skies
on more hellos and less goodbyes
on giving this an honest try

Waiting on you

all rights to poetry belong to Holly Wolti