Friday, July 12, 2013

Funny how a Melody sounds like a Memory


Have you ever been driving down a road that you know so well, while listening to the same radio station you listen to all the time, when all of a sudden you hear a particular song, and right away the hair stands up on your skin, and you find yourself blinking and gripping the steering wheel, just to make sure you’re really there and that you’re not in some other place in time—a place that gives you a feeling you can only explain by the sinking in your stomach?
Have you ever come across a song with words so implausible that you turn the volume to its highest level, or just set the damn song on repeat so you could listen to it over and over again? Have you ever wondered who the song was written for and why or how someone else could sing chords that descend and fall so perfectly like pieces into the place of your life?

Do you ever wonder where the songwriter lives so you could drive straight to their house and reach out your arms and thank them for writing something that clearly must have been written for you because they’ve described everything you feel, and sung it in a tone that you’ve already thought up so many times. Don’t you just want to do that sometimes?

I do.