Tuesday, March 7, 2017

My Flirty Thirty :: A Night I'll Never Forget

"Your thirties are going to be your best years!" they all tell me.  And I want to believe them, I really do.  But, like any typical high-anxiety, super-hormonal, over-the-top, obsesses-over-everything type of girl, I had been worried about turning 30 for quite some time.  I literally woke up on my 30th birthday thinking I was going to have wrinkles, gray hairs, and aches and pains in new places, and that I was going to feel less attractive, less youthful, and a lot more old, but to my surprise, I woke up last week feeling pretty damn pumped to be a new age.  I woke up feeling inspired, feeling prettier than ever.  I woke up being so proud to be me.  Thirties are the new twenties, bitches. Cheers to me.

So, I decided I'm going to believe everyone that turning 30 is something good.  It's a chance to take my life and really appreciate it.  It's time to do the things I've always wanted to do.  It's time to really stop and realize that I'm so lucky to be alive, healthy, working a career that I love and succeed in, living in a beautiful place, surrounded by people who want the best for me.  

And, all of this was really proven to be true last weekend at the beautiful 30th birthday party that my sister and boyfriend threw for me (with the help of so many other awesome people!). The time, effort, and details that were put into this night just blew me away. It couldn't have been more perfect, and at times, I found myself looking around that room full of so many incredible people who love me, realizing how god damn lucky I am to be me and to be only thirty, with so much life ahead of me. 

So, thank you to everyone who has made this little transition in my life so much more exciting, and a special shout out to the DJ who made me dance on the bar in a mini dress, you really helped bring out my classy side. ;)

Anyway, thanks again, my people. I love every single one of you.