Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sometimes the simple times are the best times...

              It was Friday and I couldn’t wait to get out of work, get home, and not worry about rushing right back out the door. I was looking forward to the chance to do absolutely nothing with Stephanos for the first time in a long time. Our schedules are usually crazy, especially in the summer, but for some reason, we had no plans all weekend. There was no place we had to be, nothing we had to do. I was so thankful to sit on our front porch, eat some snacks, and pop a bottle of champagne to our quiet weekend. Just breathing in the fresh air made me happy……..but it also made me hungry. So, like any girl who has ever had a serious craving for ice cream, I took Stephanos by the hand and we walked to Hayward’s where I gave in to my need. I usually never ever crave ice cream or sweets, but there was something about this night, and with no regret, I ate a whole kiddie cup of coffee oreo ice cream, and it was delicious.

               The next day, Stephanos went golfing and I cleaned the house until there was not a spot left to clean, then I went to the gym. I sweat my butt off. It felt awesome. I love that feeling. Call me weird, but I think sweating is such a fabulous release. Stephanos and I then made lunch, relaxed, and had my parents over for dinner and a bonfire in the backyard. We laughed, told stories, ate good food and drank good drinks. I wanted to freeze time and just hold on to the warm breeze, the taste of my pumpkin beer, the sound of Bob Marley on my Pandora, and the smell of the burning wood in the fire. (I, however, did NOT want anything to do with the mosquitoes that used my ankles and feet for their dinner. How annoying)

I took a minute to sit on the bed and enjoy our clean room :)


               Sunday came and I woke up feeling eager and ready for the day. Stephanos & I went to the gym, and then we visited my dad at work. Then I hung out with my mom, and we went to the lake where we saw tons of the cutest (and some slightly annoying) children, and just laughed. She then asked me if I wanted go walk around the block. The weather at this time was beautiful with a cool breeze, and I saw some beautiful hanging flowers that I would love to have hanging from my front porch. As I walked by her side, I realized how special it is that my mom and I are so close. She is by far one of my best friends. I think once you move out of your mom & dad's house and start really growing up, you develop a whole new respect for your parents. You actually want to see them and hang out with them, and you go out of your way to make time for it. It’s funny how things turn out.


               Sunday night slowly came to an end, and so did the season of one of our favorite shows, “True Blood”. For any other Bill Compton lovers, how messed up was that ending?? Then I closed my eyes, had some weird dreams, and along came Monday. Work was pretty busy, andbefore I knew it, 5:00pm had arrived. This meant I got to go home and wait for my best friend Jade to come over. She and I had a mini fashion show, stalked people on facebook (per usual) and made the most scrumptious whole wheat vegetarian Greek mini pizzas!  

The recipe we used is as follows:

*             Use whole wheat Naan bread (as crust)
*             Spread a tiny bit of olive oil over the crust
*             Spread Cedar’s plain hummus (or whatever type of hummus you like, Sabra and Joseph’s are good too!)
*             Top the pizza with crumbled feta cheese, black olives, onions, and some basil and parsley.

*              Put them on the grill until they are nice and crispy, and you're done!

(These are so easy to make, and you can add any toppings you want!) De-lish!


               Yes, it was a simple few days, but it was filled with so many healthy, happy memories, and I’m glad I got to spend a weekend just doing whatever I wanted. I texted my mom telling her what a relaxing yet fun weekend it was, and she replied with “sometimes the simple times are the best times”, and man, was she right. What a wise woman. See, this is why I call her my best friend J

               What did you do over the weekend???