Monday, September 10, 2012

Ten little things I want to do before I turn 26

           It was Saturday morning, and Stephanos was golfing. I had a headache, but I chose to get up early and begin the day anyway. For those who know how fanatical I am about cleaning, it won’t surprise you that I absolutely could not leave my house on Saturday to do anything without cleaning. Now I’m not talking about simply tidying, because I habitually tidy the house every night before bed. (I mean, who wants to wake up to clutter? Not this girl. I want to wake up to fluffed pillows on the couch, a sparkly kitchen, nothing in the sink, etc. .....Totally normal, no?) So, like any ordinary neat freak, I popped some Excedrin and started scrubbing away. But, I couldn’t stop at the kitchen. Next was the living room, the downstairs bathroom, the upstairs bathroom, our bedroom, the spare room, and so it went until I thought I was completely satisfied. Notice I didn’t say I was satisfied. This is because as I was racing up and down the stairs, I kept thinking of all the things I could do to straighten out the house even more. Once I started devising plans to organize the house, I started thinking of everything else I could do to improve my life.
               I decided to make a mental list, and now I’m writing it down here so I don’t forget. You might think I’m nuts, but I’m only giving myself a few months to do this… I work better with deadlines. Since I’m turning 26 in only five shorts months and will be preoccupied with worries of gray hair, my slowing metabolism, and starting anti-aging remedies, I might not have time or even forget to accomplish all these goals. So, if you come to my house and see that I haven’t completed a mission, feel free to smack me and tell me that I NEED TO ORGANIZE MY MAKE-UP CLOSET! Thanks.
               1.            Get rid of all the clothes I haven’t worn in six months. If they are hanging out in my closet or drawers for that long and I’m not excited to see them, I probably just don’t love them anymore. I can’t help it. My fashion relationships change quickly. Sometimes I use an outfit for just one occasion, and then I lose interest. I’m a girl, what can I say? I need to be constantly excited!
               2.            Re-arrange my shoe closet. I need to stop putting heels with boots and flip flops on top of sneakers. I must stop kicking off my shoes and just placing them anywhere in the closet. It doesn’t give each pair its own chance to shine.
               3.            Start a yoga class. This is something I’ve wanted to do forever but just haven’t found the time for. Now I want to make the time. Do you know of any awesome yoga studios from the Chelmsford, MA to Nashua, NH area that I would love? Do you take yoga and want to tell me about your experiences? Cool. Comment or e-mail me!
               4.            Start to vlog. I see people vlogging all the time, and I think it’s really cool! I just don’t want to waste my time talking into the webcam by myself if people aren’t going to watch…. You’ll watch my vlogs, right??
               5.            Go to the allergist. I have always been awfully allergic to so many foods, and although I embrace them all, sometimes cooking and going out to eat can be difficult. I’d really love to see if any of my allergies have changed or even vanished. They say that can happen. I think I’m just too scared. I’ve got to get over this fear.
               6.            Spend more time with my extended family. I want to see my aunts, uncles, and cousins more often. Maybe I will host a gathering at my house and have everyone come over and drink wine and tell the same story about how when I was born I didn’t have a middle name yet. Then they will talk about how grown up I am and how they are so proud of me. It will be great.
               7.            Write a full song. I used to do this all the time, and sadly I have slipped away from it. I love writing, and since my sister’s in the biz, I actually have a chance of my songs being heard. If you have any song ideas, send them to me! I’ll give you a tiny piece of the cut when it becomes a #1 single. Actually, no I won’t. Who am I kidding? But send me your ideas anyway!
               8.            Clean out my makeup closet. I have SO much makeup, more than any girl should have. I really only wear a select few cosmetic items each day, so what am I doing with the rest? They’re just sitting there wishing to be being used, and now I feel bad. I should just toss the stuff I don’t wear. It would save me so much room and so much aggravation when I go to get something off a shelf.
               9.            Stop sweating the small things. This is something that might take longer than five months, but I have to start now. I need to stop worrying about everyone else’s problems. I also need to stop screaming the F word when I spill water or Nala scratches me. More peace and tranquility is highly welcomed into my life. I think that yoga class will help.
               10.         Get a kitten. Nala needs a friend. Stephanos, are you so excited about this one? I put it last since it’s my best idea yet! :)
               Do you have any short or long term goals you are starting? Tell me all about them! Maybe I can help you! Can you help me? I would love for you to share any tips or strategies you have to help me check anything off my above-mentioned list! Any ideas would be lovely!

P.S. A lot of people have been telling me that they have left comments on this blog and they aren't showing up. Please don't think I'm just not publishing them! I am working with Blogger to try to get to the bottom of this and get it all straigthened out. Your comments mean a lot to me, so please keep trying to post them! Hopefully this situation gets taken care of ASAP!!