Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tradition :: The One That Never Changes

tra·di·tion – noun

an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior

Example of TRADITION

1.     One of my family’s many time-honored traditions is to have a small gathering a couple nights before Christmas, where my sister (!!!!), her boyfriend Mike, my parents, my aunt & uncle from Pennsylvania, and of course Stephanos, myself, and Nala all eat delicious foods and drink out of fancy champagne glasses and frosted mugs, open some presents, take photo and video footage, and it usually ends with a tequila shot or two and laughing so hard until we cry. It’s precious.

     Tradition. Say it. I love the way it sounds. If tradition had a color scheme, it would be red and gold, much like the gleaming bulbs on our tree. Or, it could be purple and silver, like the bulbs on my parents’ tree. Either way, it would be nothing less than radiant.

     Most families have these traditions, these parties, dinners, and holiday rituals that they follow each year. When I think of the word tradition, I feel comfortable. The word tradition ignites a warm flame inside of me reminding me that, although we are all growing older, some things never really change. We might celebrate at our house, or we might celebrate at my parents’ house. One year, we even celebrated a few days after Christmas in Pennsylvania. Some year, we might even celebrate at Jacy & Mike’s house in Tennessee. Who knows where this road of Christmas traditions will take us, but there is one thing that’s never-ever changing: the foundation of our tradition. It is built on many years of love, laughs, comfort, loyalty, incredible memories, and a beautiful family that I am so lucky to be a part of.

Our glowing tree


This is our house this year, patiently waiting for family to arrive in a few shorts weeks!

     What is your favorite holiday tradition?