Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Weekend To Remember

     Our schedules are typically very busy, so when we have a night to do nothing, I love it. And then I blog about it. And then you read it and think, aw how cute. You're catching on, good.

     I left work on Friday and went tanning (sorry, mom) and to the bank while Stephanos went grocery shopping all by himself. What a good man. Then we both got home, cooked dinner, watched a movie, didn't drink wine because I didn't want a hangover, and fell asleep in our princess bed. How perfect. Oh, I forgot to mention that I went on a psycho-cleaning-frenzy and yelled at Stephanos for not doing the dishwasher all while I went around the house figuring out what else I could bitch about. He just smiled and knew I'd be over it soon. After I decided to stop being crazy is when we finally drifted off to dream land in our princess bed.

     On Saturday morning, Stephanos tucked me into a burrito in bed, kissed me goodbye, and he left to go golfing. I chatted on the phone with Jade and finally got out of bed, got dressed up pretty, and went to meet my mom. We went to lunch at Bertucci's where I did nothing close to eating healthy, and then we started our excursion. Errands, shopping, meeting Billy Costa & Lisa from the Matty show, snacking, taking pictures. Wait, did you see the part where I met Billy Costa? Some people might not think this is anything special, but for a girl who has been listening to Matty In The Morning every morning since forever, and been a big fan of TV Diner, I was PSYCHED. Plus, I think he had a crush on me, can't you tell?

     THEN, my mother/daughter day continued, and we went go to see a brilliantly performed play of Steel Magnolias. Who remembers that movie? The whole show was full of emotion, and as Truvy says, "my favorite emotion is laughter through tears", and this proved to be mine as well.

     Sunday came and was spent with family as well. At night, I went back to my parents' house where my mom went through a ton of her old jewlery that she wore when she was my age, and told me all the interesting stories of where she & my dad got each piece. My dad chimed in on each story with something exciting to add.  One of my favorites is a gorgeous gold pendant that opens up into a perfume bottle. How cool. As I sat there, I realized that I honestly have the coolest parents in the world. They have lived such a fun and exciting life, and all their stories come to life through the happiness in their voices as they tell them. Family is such a beautiful thing, and if you don't spend a lot of time with yours, I suggest you start now. Friends are family too, ya know :)

What did you do this weekend? 
Am I really a psycho-cleaning-freak?
Do you love Billy Costa too?