Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Words for Wednesday

A Maybe Poem
Maybe I’m lost in a world with so much to think about
A universe bigger than I could ever dream about
Do I care more than I should? Maybe I don’t care enough
Maybe I’m just a free spirit with too much to love
Maybe I’m trying too hard; maybe I don’t know my place
I just want to save it all, the entire human race
Maybe I need a step back, a cool gentle breath
Fade away quietly from the busy streets of stress
But this life is a platform; we want to rise to the top
Maybe that’s our biggest problem, and we all need to stop
Well, one thing’s for sure, if there’s anything I know
It’s that we need to slow down, watch the sun glow
I think we’re moving way too fast, maybe we’re missing out on life
We’re spending all our time asking if we’ve got it right
This breathtaking world can be too much to take, and
Maybe sometimes honest hands just need a break
-Holly Amber Wolti. 2.20.13