Thursday, March 14, 2013

Welcome, Twenty Six

Thursday the 28th of February was my 26th birthday, but you already know that because of my last post. (Here is where I will apologize for the brief hiatus I took from posting. Life can sometimes get overwhelmingly busy!) I woke up energized and eager to begin the day. I didn’t even consider pressing snooze on my alarm. Even my normal routine of showering and blow-drying my hair was exciting—I was getting all dolled up for a 6 hour car ride, but it was a 6 hour car ride with my boyfriend whom I would undoubtedly be taking photos with at every chance I could get, so of course I had to look cute.

We arrived in Pennsylvania six hours later, and after a few coffee and bathroom stops (more like ten because I have the bladder of a five year old and the excessive coffee intake makes it that much worse). It felt comforting to arrive at my aunt & uncle’s house with four days of enjoyment in an unfamiliar, yet familiar enough place to explore ahead of us.

Between dining in remarkable restaurants to drinking free draft beers at the casinos in Atlantic City, I can honestly say these were four of my favorite days. I welcomed 26 with enthusiasm, alongside some of my favorite people, with a good buzz that lasted for the entire trip.  



As we drove through the busy city streets of Philadelphia, no one knew but I was quietly day dreaming of a life writing for a magazine next to a cute organic coffee shop while Stephanos wore his best business suit to work in his office made entirely of glass windows, where he would work until we return to our high rise apartment after sipping on after-work-drinks at the local vodka bar. (Yes, there is a vodka bar in Philly. Tell me that’s not enough to make you want to move there right now.)

Hey, a girl can dream right? This vacation was definitely one for the books, or dare I say, for the blog.