Friday, September 13, 2013

Hopeful Girl

Hopeful Girl
I don’t care what it takes, 
I’d like a faultless world,
They say that can’t exist
And I’m just a “hopeful girl”
But hopeful girls, they’ve seen the most
Their hearts have felt real pain, and
They’re the ones who sing the loudest
Under pouring acid rains
But I don’t care how much it burns,
I’m gonna dance on every star
I want to swallow up their fire, and
Let their flames engrave a scar
They used to seem so small, I laugh
Each tiny blazing tear, but
Now a million specks of glowing light
Are dripping starlight in my hair 
This is where I’ll live, I think
To the constellations, I’ll exclaim,
“I’ll never judge a stranger”
‘Cause up here, we shine the same… 
See, the Earth just seems too shallow now
For hopeful girls like me, and
I’d rather bathe in waves of bright red freedom
Than in a superficial sea.
Holly A. Wolti 9/13/13