Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"You did"

"You did"

I’ve risked the flames, I’ve cried the rain
Watched your heart bleed, broke through your chains,
I’ve held you close, pushed you away
Just longing to hear you say you’d stay,
And you did.

Like a winter’s night, I tore through your skin
Sewed you up, to rip through again,
Made you show me who you really are
Made you tell me about all your scars,
And you did.

But you were getting close, so I ran fast
I thought a love this rich could never last,
How could someone want my vagrant soul,
Like a wild angel, soaring out of control,
But you did.

You threw the bricks right through my walls
You carved, and cut, fought through them all,
You stole my heart, you cleaned me up
You showed me I was worth your love,
Yes, you did.

You kissed my eyes, you touched my hair
You agreed with me that life’s not fair,
You said “if we have each other, that’s all we need”
So you took my hand, you took the lead,
You did.

Now here I am, I wonder why
I played those games, I made you cry,
Cause I’ve never known a love so strong
I know it now, I knew it all along…

And I lay in bed, I stare at your face
Your skin, your breath, my saving grace,
“Don’t ever leave”, I cry in your ear
Begging God, those words you’d hear

And you did.

Holly A. Wolti
Poem Copyright © 2014 by Holly A. Wolti