Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Red Canoe"

Young love sweating in a red canoe
You say, “look at that sky”
But all I see is you
Tan skin pulsing, I think I see your heart
I want to swallow it whole
So we’ll never have to part.

And I’m sure that this is magic
‘Cause it really can’t be real
You’re seeing parts of me I promised
I’d never quite reveal,
But there’s something ‘bout that shimmer
From the sun down to the lake
And I’m thinking back to when I said,
“You were my best mistake.”

Now you’re giving me that same old look,
I’ve seen a billion times before
I’ve memorized your smile, and
I’ve never been so sure.
I laugh, “sometimes the best things
they just can’t be foreseen
You have to let your heart outweigh your head,
You know just what I mean….”

You pause before you answer
You just stare at me so hard
Then you lean right in to kiss me
You love catching me off guard.
You tell me just to listen; you swear these words are true
You say, “No one’s ever loved you girl, the way that I sure do.”

Now we’re back at shore, it’s later now
The onyx sky has lost its blue
My mind’s repeating what you said,
The way you looked in that canoe.
You notice that I’m drifting off,
I think you’re drifting too,
You say “look up at the stars, my love”

But all I see is you.

- a poem written by Holly Amber Wolti