Monday, June 23, 2014

defining security, defining comfort...


It’s in the scent of morning coffee, sitting on your living room couch with your cat curled up in a ball next to you. It’s in the way she knows if you’re sick or tired, or when you just need her warmth.

               It’s the way the clock looks at 5:00pm when you’ve just accomplished a busy day at work.

               It’s in being able to call your best friend and hearing her ask “what’s wrong?” before you can even get past the “Are you busy?”

               It’s in the stories your mother tells you about her childhood home and about your grandparents. They’re stories you’ve certainly heard before, but somehow they mean more each time.

               It’s in the way your father can make you laugh harder than anyone on the planet, and it’s in the feeling you get when you sigh and chuckle to yourself, recognizing that you’re a lot more like him than you thought.

               It’s in meeting new people in your boyfriend’s family and realizing you’re so lucky to be a part of such a down to earth collection of people.

               It’s in the feeling of going broke on pay day, but noticing the weight off your shoulders after your bills have been paid.

               It’s the taste of that first sip of a cold beer on a 80° summer day. It’s also in the reminder that you’re 27 now, and you know you’ll be hung over as hell the next morning, but that you just won’t care because drunken memories and the smell of a bonfire in your hair means you’ve had a perfect night.

               It’s in the way you wrap your body around your boyfriend when you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you still have time to sleep before your alarm goes off.

               It’s the fact that even if you only had 2 minutes to sleep, you’d still wrap your body around his the same way.

               It’s in the way you feel the day your sister calls to tell you she’s coming home to visit, and it’s in the emptiness you feel when she leaves.

               It’s also in knowing your sister has found someone who can love her almost as much as you do for the rest of her life.

               It’s in the pictures on your apartment walls. The constant compliments on your shower curtain. It’s in the way your kitchen always smells like your favorite Yankee Candle. It’s in knowing that you might not be living in a castle, but that you still feel like a queen when you come home to your king every night.

               It’s in this blog, and knowing people are reading it. It’s in the fact that people care enough about my little thoughts.