Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On Reflection

To some of you, this photograph looks like just another typical, yet blurry, selfie that I would post, coupled with an intriguing, inspirational quote about autumn or fashion. Or possibly, it might not have a quote at all, leaving you to decode the mystery behind my elusive bathroom-break vanity.

But this photograph was taken, yes, of me, by myself, in a bathroom, but it wasn’t taken with the intention of posting on Instagram or Facebook for people to hit “like” or make cute comments on. I took the picture because I was realized on that particular day, that I’m proud of myself. I feel proud that I’m truly comfortable in my own skin, proud that I’ve been working really hard at my new job, proud that I’ve been kicking ass in in the gym, gaining the body I want, proud to have received a good raise in pay after being laid off from the job I was at for four years, and pictured myself in for at least another four. I feel proud that I can wear a messy bun on top of my head, little makeup and still feel beautiful. I’m proud that I have built my credit up enough to buy the vehicle that I’ve always wanted. I’m proud that in the mirror’s reflection, I see a girl who has overcome battles in that past year that might seem so minute to some people, but at one point seemed next to impossible to me.

I’m proud that I can post this picture now, and not really care about the inevitable criticism that will surely accompany it. I’m happy that I can truthfully say I’m happy. Happy with what life has given me - the way life has tested me and built my strength, made me work for what I want. I’m happy with the way I feel when I open my eyes each morning, and happy that at 27, I’m not in a huge house with a white picket fence and three children six cats screaming at me when I walk through the door, because even though that’s what I had pictured for my life at 27, I am perfectly content with my trendy little apartment, my hardworking boyfriend, my beautiful group of friends, a family that will never let me down, and a heart that loves so much it hurts.