Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Cold Truth

I could write about something cold, something harsh, something to agree with the weather outside, something that would give life to the feelings everyone in New England is experiencing right now. I could speak of things so brittle, so fragile, things that could snap with the weight off too much snow, too strong of winds, or too severe of moods. I could be bitter, leaving frostbite on your mind. And I could tell you that you’re not the only one feeling thirsty for brighter days, hungry for careless summer mornings, for perfect hair days and freckles on your nose. For mixed drinks on white sands, the hum of air conditioners, and the refreshment of cold water on your feet in July.

But what I really want to talk about is a phrase I heard while driving to work this morning, as I was bundled up with too many layers on, winter boots, biggest scarf, static in my hair, and runny nose…seemingly the most frustrated basic girl in the world. As I sat there in stopped traffic, annoyed with the -1 degree temperature showing on my dashboard, and stressing out about how dry my eyes were from the heater, I changed radio stations and heard someone say these 8 words…. “any day above ground is a good day.”

At first I thought it was slightly morbid. I mean we are talking about life and death, who wants to think about that? But I did think about it. I thought about it continuously until I arrived at work, and it hit me, harder than the gust of wind that almost knocked my coffee out of my hand. Those words are so true, I realized. Without the cruelest, coldest of days, we would never fully enjoy those summer moments. Without the heaviness of snow and sharpness of ice, we wouldn’t be so thankful for the light mist of Spring air. And here I was complaining to myself about having to even get out of bed and face this day….

At least I have heat to keep me warm, I realized. A concerned mother who warns me about the weather days in advance, a strong man to hold me at night, hot food to eat, a job to drive to, a pretty stylish winter wardrobe for these types of days, I reminded myself. And thankfully, the list goes on. And just as importantly, I’m I have you, and I’m lucky for that. For the mere fact that you are reading this right now - for the fact that I had two readers two and a half years ago when I started this blog and now I have hundreds, and without that point, I wouldn't be so appreciative now. So, thank you for caring about my ranting thoughts and for giving me an outlet to share them.

I’m so glad I’m above ground today.