Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Saddest Eclipse

Ever think of what will happen when the sun gives up its light?
Knowing all too well that it’s just not worth the fight,
When the sky just separates and there’s nothing left in sight
‘Cause the moon, you know, she always wins
Whether wrong or right….

That stubborn moon, the stars will scream
Why can’t she understand?
She’s nothing but a cold dark sphere
Without the sun to hold her hand….
And just like that, regret sinks in,
But she won’t change her mind….
Too stubborn to admit she’s wrong,
Leaving the world below her blind.

And a lunar love comes to an end,
It hurts worse than she’ll make known
But she wants to shine all by herself
Light the sky all on her own….
And so it comes, a deep black smoke
Everything just fades,
And the sun sits there behind a cloud
Wiping tears off of its face

See, nothing lasts forever
As the sun was taught to learn,
But we all need some help from somebody

Or like the moon, we’ll crash and burn….

-Holly A. Wolti