Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sweet Southern Comfort :: Tennessee & Kentucky Style

These days everything is all business,
never in one place for too long...
I might be a little late in posting this, but my life has been busy lately.  Between work, my recent love affair with the new yoga studio I joined, snow storms, and everyday life activities getting in the way, I still haven’t even unpacked my whole suitcase from our trip to Tennessee which was (almost) two weeks ago. Sigh.
Maybe I subconsciously don’t want to unpack because that means the fun is over.  That means it’s another long wait until I see my sister and brother in law again. It seems as though each time an exciting event or trip ends, I immediately shift my mind onto the next thing I can look forward to, forgetting that everything fun comes to an end at some point. I suppose that’s not such a bad way to live, albeit the unwashed clothes hanging out of your luggage and strewn all across your bedroom floor (sorry Paul). But either way, it’s my way of living and that’s just. fine. by. me.
This last trip to Tennessee was more of a relaxing and calming get-away, taking my focus off the busy 9am-5pm work life and crazy schedule that I’m used to, than a wild-crazy-beer-pounding-bar-crawl down Broadway, but that’s okay.  We’ll get ‘em next time.  This trip was more focused around a benefit concert my sister was performing at in Kentucky, and let me just tell you they hooked a sister (and her crew) up.  We stayed at a stunning bed and breakfast on gorgeous land, surrounded by alpacas, cows, a horse, chickens, and the cutest little goat friends ever!  Not only was the breakfast some of the most scrumptious food I’ve ever eaten, their coffee tasted legit magical. The bed was like sleeping on a cloud, and the scenery was on point. We even ate lunch with views of the Ohio River at a restaurant that used to be a jail that some badass people did time at, including Jesse James and Hank Williams Senior! The concert was great, as it was a benefit for a generous organization called Cops with Paws, and we got to spend some much needed QT in two different states with good food, good wine, good friends, family, and lots of laughs.  So thank you to the beautiful south, you’ve certainly tugged on my heart strings once again. Until next time, here are some photos so y'all can reminisce with me.

This is the Southern Grace Bed and Breakfast we stayed in... Go book your next trip here, like NOW.

...but I can guarantee, things are sweeter in Tennessee.