Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Changing With the Seasons

Winter always greets me with such confidence. It seems like she knows that her strong wind and frosty nights will own your mood. The days are shorter, the streets aren’t as busy, there are fewer smiles on faces, and winter always dresses in dark hues. Aside from the holiday season, people are more withdrawn. Everyone is more fatigued.  It’s not a bad thing for me, though. It gives me a chance to build my relationship with myself, my house, my books, my writing, and with all things that comfort me. I have time to make more phone calls, write letters, and reach out to people I miss. It means heavier beers and more carbs which results in more working out, and it means lots of movies and red wine on the couch. To me, it’s a peaceful time.

Spring frolics in, and my heart skips an immediate beat. Butterflies soar through my stomach because I know the warmer weather is approaching. This means lighter outfits, lighter food, a brighter sky, and an abundance of outside activities. Smiles start to warm up cold faces, and you can almost see the sunshine defrosting people’s bad moods. When winter turns to spring, people change. I change too.

In the summer months I feel more liberated. I feel more connected to my freedom, if that makes any sense. I want to drive with the windows down while the wind blows through my hair. I don’t want to wear makeup. I want to meet friends for margaritas outside. I feel like I need to keep going and going and spending all my time being kissed by the sun. I never want to sleep until it’s completely dark outside. I want to meet new people, visit new cities, and travel as much as possible. I want to always have moments like these. It’s always hard when summer breaks up with me, but luckily I know it’s not over forever, and beautiful September will help me move on.

Autumn comes, and the excitement continues. It actually increases. As you might remember from this post, Autumn is my favorite season. Crisp mornings, perfect hair days, cute boots and chic jackets all equal a fabulous combination of happiness. That, and the fact that I just discovered my love for hot coffee. Leaves changing colors, football games, comfy sweaters, bonfires in the backyard, pumpkin beer.... the list continues. I think the most exciting thing about Fall is that even though it comes, makes me fall so in love, and then leaves me so quickly, I know we will meet again.

So, as much as I love California and other places where the climate doesn't drastically change, I really don't think I could ever end my love affair with New England. If you could live any place in the world, where would it be? Would you want to live somewhere where the seasons change dramatically?