Friday, October 5, 2012

The Perfect Face

I saw a photograph of a beautiful, well known girl, and I saw right through her. I didn't have to read any words, I already knew her story.  I thought about what she would say if she could speak through the magazine page.  I decided to express my thoughts in the form of poetry. Can anyone guess who I wrote this poem about? 
When you look at me and see
The girl they wanted me to be
Are you still proud?
Am I too loud?
Am I too free?
You listen to my voice, and
Then you analyze my poise
Have I got it down?
In this big crowd,
Can you still see me?
Beneath this hat of lace
And flawless, faultless grace

My fears resound,

They think they've found

The perfect face.
Well, I know it’s not my place,

But I ponder, just in case
Can I make a sound?
Is that allowed?
Would they be disgraced?
-Holly Wolti, 10/4/2012