Wednesday, January 2, 2013

That's What Makes It Love


     Knowing that the last night of 2012 was approaching, I promised myself I would watch it go with dignity. I’d be proud that I’m alive and in good health. I wouldn’t dwell on the larger trials and tribulations I was hit with that year. I wouldn’t focus on the little ones either.

     We were having people over for New Year’s Eve, and I had been cleaning for days. The house was close to spotless. The couple crumbs on the counter and cat hair on the rug we JUST vacuumed wouldn’t bother me because it was the last night of 2012 and I needed to be excited and eager and constantly smiling, right? That was true until one little thing set me off, and I went on a rampage – exactly what I promised myself I wouldn’t do. Luckily for me, my sister and Stephanos let me shout, cry, and stomp my feet like a child, and they just accepted it. They knew I would get over it within an hour, and after realizing how foolish I was, I did exactly that. They joined forces and pulled together, we finished cleaning and cooking, and by the time the first guest arrived, we all had a drink in our hand and cheerfulness in our hearts. I guess that’s what makes it love.
     I kept apologizing all night to my sister and Stephanos for being so over-the-top with my cleaning and organization OCD. They just grinned and told me I’m not crazy at all- it was just something I needed to work on. I sipped my beer and fully agreed. After a few more guests walked into our house, I suddenly recognized that the washing and scrubbing for hours beforehand didn’t matter anymore. The mere fact that all these people we love chose to come to our house, instead of some thrilling party with fancy dresses and bright lights in the city, made me realize that they care about us for us – not because there was no cat hair left on the rug. I guess that’s what makes it love.
     Between laughing, taking shots of Ouzo, many games of flip cup, and beginning stories with “remember when…” and “I really miss you, we need to see each other more often...”, I realized I was at the only place in the world I wanted to be for the last hours of 2012 - in the comfort of our home, with some of the people I love most, at the young age of 25, all tied together with excitement for many more midnight kisses with Stephanos in my future.  I guess that’s what makes it love.

     Waking up on New Year’s Day without a hangover was a miracle. Seeing my boyfriend lying next to me and my cat curled up in a ball on my stomach was pure reassurance that even though I’m not in some huge city with busy streets or tropical town with palm trees, I am where I’m meant to be. When Stephanos finally awoke, I turned to him and said “Happy New Year, I’m sorry for being so crazy about cleaning. Thank you for everything you do for me.” He just smirked and said, “It’s ok, I understand. You can work on it in 2013.” And for him, I will do just that. I guess that’s what makes it love.