Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Important Cause- 2013 "Run-Walk To Home Base"

Hey readers! I wanted to take this time to shine some light on something close to my own heart, along with the hearts of many others. One of my best friends who also happens to be my little sorority sister---from wayyyyy back in our college days ;)---is participating in an extremely important cause that is not only significant to herself, her boyfriend, but our entire country. I've seen Crystal journey through many different phases of her relationship with her boyfriend from long nights of no sleep because of missing him, being worried about his safety and being able to communicate with him much, being so extremely proud of his courage and passion to serve our country, to tears of happiness for the thrill of him coming home. I'd tell you all about it and ask for your help, but I'd rather you hear it from her. Please read below, and stop to take a minute to really consider helping this out this beautiful cause. Thank you to all of the military, especially Patrick O'Keefe, for being so brave and courageous!!

Remember everyone, any help is better than no help!
Hi All,
It's the third year in a row that I ask for your consideration in making a donation for a worthy cause... The Red Sox Foundation for the 2013 "Run-Walk to Home Base" fund-raising event presented by New Balance. I have signed up for the Run portion of the race again and will be running alongside (or most likely behind) my Marine-turned-Civilian boyfriend, Corporal Patrick O'Keefe.
This time last year as I sat down to start my donation letters I was praying for Pat and all of the 3/7 Marine's safety while they were stationed in Sangin, Afghanistan. I had the fortune of welcoming home my boyfriend unharmed in May of this year. Unfortunately, not all of 3/7 were as fortunate to make it back or to make it back unharmed. The reason Run to Home Base has been a cause near and dear to my heart is because not all 'battle wounds' are visible and easy to treat. The Red Sox Foundation, in partnership with Mass General has taken the task of addressing Veteran's mental health once returning from war. I could sing the praises of this organization for pages, but I encourage all of you to visit their homepage and more importantly to join me in supporting their efforts.
The link below will bring you to my donation page, if you are willing and able to donate it will be greatly appreciated!!
We are indebted to the heroes we call United States Veterans.
Keep posted for further fund-raising events/raffles as the months go by. Below is the link to my donation page or Pat's.
The Red Sox Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.