Friday, May 31, 2013

Small Talk

"Small Talk"
The summer sun starts melting down
Over that busy little bar in town
Secrets filling up the air,
She wonders how the night will end
With rumors floating friend to friend,
Her skin is burning from their stare.
Laughs it off, it’s nothing new,
She’s used to it, and he is too,
She won’t let them know she cares
So she just keeps her shoulders tall
And she just lets her blonde hair fall
It’s better when she’s unaware.
Oh, she fascinates them as she moves
Through crowds of faces, old and new
Making small talk here and there,
She yells, “another round for my new friends,
We don’t even care how much we spend
See, we all have broken hearts to mend
You know that’s why we’re here.”
A few more shots, a few less feelings
Tonight the tequila’s doing all healing
This girl could really use a prayer.
She bites her straw, hell bent on drinking
It keeps her from doing too much thinking,
As she falls back into her chair.

Now it’s just about that closing time,
She walks out the door into the night,
Hanging memories on the streetlights,
But tonight she won’t go home.
She’ll end up where she’s meant to be
Or maybe where she’d rather be,
But she makes sure she’s not alone.

-Holly A. Wolti
All rights reserved, copywritten.