Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Poem for Tuesday...

Red Lipstick at a Vintage Bar

In borrowed heels, her Mama’s dress
She walks to the bar alone,
One last spray of cheap perfume
Trickles down her collar bone…

Walks up the stairs, into the room
And she always looks the same,
Her hands clenched behind her skinny back
Her troubled little frame…

Well no one said her life was easy,
But they’ve never stopped to ask
Where is it she comes from?
Is she ever going back?

Red lipstick on her restless smile, and
You can see it in her wrists,
Pulsing faster as she finds him
Drinking whiskey with a twist….

He’s tried before to save her,
To mend her injured heart,
Still he swears he’ll never quite give up,
You know he’s loved her from the start…

Her hidden scars that no one sees,
Warm blood that no one feels,
He knows her soul’s gorgeous mess,
He knows her pain is real…

Fastened eyes across the room
The band plays a tune so blue,
With shivered lips she mouths the words,
 “Boy, this song was made for me and you…”

Her fingers start to tremble now
And she reaches for his hands,
She prays that he won’t let her down,
For this is her first dance…

She’d never trust a man before
Enough to hold her in his arms,
But something in his deep green eyes
Ignites a vicious charm….

He spins and twirls and lifts her up
He knows she’s his for sure,
But something stops, she pulls away
And she rushes to the door…

Well no one said her life was easy
but they never stop to ask,
Where is it she’s going to?
Is she ever coming back?

-Holly Amber Wolti