Thursday, September 25, 2014


Everyone had diamond earrings,
And a bright gold wedding band
She had worn out sneakers
And a night-shift working man.
The old cross her Daddy gave her
Sat securely on her chest,
She held it while she prayed at night
Asking God to just give it a rest.

She swept the floors, she made the beds
She kept her little babies fed
He brought home fifty bucks a week
But she never had bad words to speak,
‘Cause she knew there must be more out there
Wild wind to tangle up their hair,
So she’d dream……….

When the kids grew up and went to school
She went out to make some money too
Her paycheck wasn’t very much
She never really had great luck,
But she remembered what her momma said
“Pretty girl don’t ever lose your head,
It’s a cold world out there, ya know
So don’t ever let the good ones go,
Hold on tightly to that man of yours
Run your fingers through your babies’ curls
And dream………..”

Now they’re both in their sixties
Their kids have kids of their own
Their little corner city flat
Is what the both of them call home.
He still smiles; he looks her up and down
In her worn out little pink night gown
He says “My sweet lady it’s all alright,
We’ve made it through harsher nights,
I’m right beside you every single day,
Close your eyes now, love, it’s all okay
So just dream……..”

Holly A. Wolti