Friday, September 5, 2014

It Works!

So, my life has been pretty busy lately….from a crazy summer, to starting a new job, to basically having some place to be every weekend, and planning an engagement party for my sister and Mike, I’ve been pretty tied up with less time to work out and eat healthy. 

However, I have been pretty lucky. I teamed up with a cool chick named Ashley Sinclair from ItWorks!, and she provided me with a way to look and feel my best during this whirlwind I’ve been on! Ashley sent me some Ultimate Applicator body wraps, some hair skin and nail vitamins, defining gel, and some lip and eye cream. 

After using all of these products, I have been able to fit perfectly into tight summer dresses, feel confident in bikinis, not have to worry about constant manicures, and I’ve also felt safer under the sun’s hot rays.

Ashley Sinclair is a pro at selling her products, so I asked her to provide my readers with some basic facts about the Ultimate Body Applicator wraps, since they were my favorite product, and also a huge favorite among people all over the country!  

7 Facts About the Ulitmate Body Applicator

1. What is the Ultimate Body Applicator?
The applicator is an all-natural piece of non-woven cloth that you can apply to any area of the body to tone, tighten, and !rm the skin. It hydrates and smooths the skin where it is applied.
2. Are you simply losing water weight?
Our product is not water weight loss! We have no diuretics in our product. Results are actually greater with water consumption. The applicator is ultra hydrating.
3. How often can I wrap?
You can wrap every 72 hours and it is easy to apply at home.
4. Where can I wrap?
The wrap can be worn anywhere on the body except the face. (The company has special facial applicators). It was designed specifically for the abdomen but can be worn on arms, legs, backside, or cut in half and worn on the chin/neck, love handles, outer thighs, etc...
5. How long do results last?
Results last from 2-6 months depending on your lifestyle. Exercising and eating healthy help results last longer. Wrap one area at a time for greatest results and follow up with the de!ning gel twice daily to maximize results. Maintenance includes wrapping once at least once a month.
6. How much are the wraps?
The wraps are $25 each or you can buy a pack of four wraps for $59 as a loyal customer. Each box has 4 wraps. One wrap is a sample and it is important to note that four wraps is a full treatment!
7. What is a Loyal Customer?
A loyal customer agrees to buy one product a month for three months and gets wholesale pricing for life after completing the third shipment. Customers have complete control over their orders and can change products at any time.

Contact Ashley today! and visit her site at and I promise you'll be thanking her!