Monday, July 6, 2015

On Thinking, Changing, and Lakes...

“A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.”

And just like that, it does. The stillness of the water, the unruffled trees surrounding you, and the quiet beating inside your heart can all seem so loud, in the most tranquil of ways, when you’re focused on it. When you let go of the business of the real world, and replace your heavy thoughts with lighter laughter and smiles full of sun-squinted eyes, the sounds you never really heard before can slowly become your favorite harmonies.

Maybe you never listened to the way the wind sings as it blows your hair into your face, or the way the breeze chills your skin while drifting you along the ripples. Maybe you never took the time to enjoy the tickle of sweat as it slides down your back. Maybe you’re too used to complaining about your bug bites, sunburn, and clammy skin to realize the strength nature has to make such an effect on you.

See, I’m trying this new thing where I replace negativity with positivity, as cliché as it sounds. I’m teaching myself to let go of what hurts, what annoys, what downright makes me cry - and shift my concentration to what makes me laugh, what makes me shine, and most importantly, what stirs my soul enough to make me write. I’m trying to put an end to the headache triggers, the argument starters, the reasons for bad Mondays and “I wish it were Fridays.” I’m trying to focus on what I have to say I’m thankful for instead of what I’m sorry for. I'm trying to focus on the parts of myself that are strong and healthy, rather than what needs improvement. 

I’ve noticed that being in places that make me calm and composed have a lasting effect on my attitude and outlook towards life. By talking with who inspire me, eating cleaner foods with ingredients I can pronounce, drinking less alcohol, appreciating the beauty of nature, reading books, and doing the best job I can Monday through Friday all while realizing nothing and no one is perfect is the way I plan to live each day.

So I encourage you to park yourself in a canoe, next to the person you love more than anything in this world, talk about life, have some fights - but make up way stronger than any fight you could ever have - sing good songs, cause someone to smile, get some sun on your nose, and remember life is so short. Stop focusing on what brings you down and let the water take you to places that rise you up.