Friday, May 13, 2016

Today I Believe...

Today I believe:

- That it's okay to get overwhelmed sometimes.  Life can throw a lot at you, and when it rains, it sure as hell usually pours.  But this makes you come out stronger, wiser, and better in the end.  Believe me.

- That it's so important to thank the people who are always by your side.  When people sacrifice doing something for themselves to be next to you, that's when you know you've got someone special in your life.  Make sure to thank them.

- That being alone sometimes is okay.  It's important to work on your relationship with yourself and learning how to be okay in situations you typically wouldn't be.  It's healthy to try to let go of the anxiety and concentrate on yourself.  Treat yourself to a night in while everyone else is out. Take care of your own mind and body first.  You are number 1.

- That if you work really hard at something you really want, chances are you might get it.  If you don't, something else more radiant and breathtaking may come along, and you'll understand why the first goal didn't work out as planned.  

- That you need to TRUST people.  Stop being like me and thinking everything is a scam.  Have a little more faith in people. 

- That spring is the most beautiful season. Everyone is happier when the sun is shining and flowers are in bloom.  It's the best precursor to everyone's favorite season, and there's something to be said about the smell of the pavement after an April shower.  

- That things just happen as you get older.  I am no longer the person I was in my early 20's, and I am thankful for that. 

- That it's really great to always have something to look forward to.  It makes each morning a little bit sweeter when you can count down the days until your next exciting adventure. 

- That the people reading this blog are my favorite people in the world.  I can't even believe you take the time out of your day to read my thoughts.  I really hope I can inspire some of you.

- That it's important to pick a certain small time slot in the day to worry.  Have your worries, have your tears, feel the stress, and then be done with it.  Don't let yourself worry about the same thing all day.  You'll thank me for this one.

and finally, today I truly believe:

- That sometimes, maybe all the time, we just need to let go and let God.