Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Peace in Oneself, Peace in the World

There is so much sorrow in our country right now. I can’t even compile the right words to form the sentences or paragraphs to even begin to understand the dreadful events in Boston yesterday. Usually, writing brings me to a place where I can make sense of things, and with that, I can generally breathe easier and relax my shaking hands. This time, I can’t even get to that place in my brain. So, I just pray.
And I ask that you pray too. Pray for your loved ones, and pray for those you don't know. Reach out to anyone who could use a companion, or a shoulder to rest on. Remind your friends and family just how much space they take up in your heart. Pray for those who were severely affected. Above all, pray for yourself. Be gentle with your own soul. Take the time you need to heal and process what happened. To all those who participated in the marathon, be proud of yourselves. It’s ok to be proud. Be proud of every person who competed, and of yourselves for cheering them on. Don’t let the enemies steal your pride….because that’s exactly what they want. Remember that love is stronger than hate.
Try to pour as much empathy as you possibly can into the universe right now, and have faith that someday, somehow there can be enough peace to wash out all the hatred.