Thursday, December 14, 2017

BLOGMAS DAY 4 - A Poem by Me

Christmas Eve

A voice, a place, a familiar smell
A circumstance I know so well
Uniting eyes over a drinking glass
Tender smiles as people pass

It’s the “How are you? Where have you been?”
Regretting the time it’s been since then
A sudden sadness strikes the heart
Wishing time could stop, and pause to start

Red lips from wine, a buzzing smile
Wow I haven’t been here in a while
Glossy bulbs strung on the tree
A laugh, a kiss, a wink at me

Drinks collide, a joyful cheer
The well-known scent of winter beer
Delight for all, ignoring age
Of stockings green, a Christmas sage

The night moves on, we say goodbye
Some they laugh, some start to cry
For loved ones lost, prayers are prayed
Memories had, memories made

Tomorrow it will come so soon
I gaze up at the December moon
I thank the stars for cherished time
For holidays spent with this circle of mine

Merry Christmas!

Poem Written & Edited by Holly Amber Wolti ©