Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holly's Holiday List!

With it being the holiday season and all, I figured I’d give my readers a sneak peak into my tiny corner of the world, aka my apartment and closet!  I’ve had lots of inquiries on different products I use to keep my hair looking and smelling fresh (when I don’t feel like washing it for 4 days… come on you know you don’t wash your hair every day either), what eye makeup I use and how it stays on all day, and just some other little answers, tips, and tricks to keep you feeling gorg through the holidays!
Also, for my beloved readers who I know will be purchasing gifts for me in the next couple months Christmas, Valentine’s Day, my birthday… (wink wink Paul, Jacy, Mom hope you’re reading this!), I’ve also listed some of my favorite items I’m running out of that I would love to have restocked or that I've seen fell in love with!
Love you all! Xo

What's on your holiday list??