Monday, December 28, 2015

Fragile Girl

They say she’s too outspoken,
Other days too shy
They tell her she’s not perfect,
And to stop the fight to try.
They love her face
They hate her back
She keeps it calm
Then she attacks.
She’s a complicated girl
In a big bewildered world.
She has a heart of gold
The softest skin
Long blonde hair
A gentle grin.
She tries too hard for everyone
For everything she sees
She fixes all their broken wounds
While hers just bleed and bleed.
She’s a different kind of girl
In a big bewildered world.
She prays at night when she lays down
Nine different angels hear her sound,
“Please protect my family, bless all my friends,
and only if you have the time, God,
Please love me in the end.”
She’s a giver and a selfless girl
In a big bewildered world.
She comes off tough
She comes off loud
She comes off confident
Way too proud
And when she cries
They run away
Can’t bear to see a fighter
Crumble down to clay
She’s a mystery of a girl
In a big bewildered world.

So next time that you see her,
Remember who she is
She’s hiding things you’ll never know
She’s just a person, still a kid
So before you’re quick to judge her
Because you think she’s judging you,
Take a step back and remember
We’re all wishing on that same big moon.
She’s trying her best to do what she can
She gives and gives and has demands.
She’s just a fragile girl
In a convoluted world.

-Holly A. Wolti, 2015