Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year, New Me

Each year is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, excitements and fears. Because what fun would life be, after all, if we all rode the same path, never took chances, and never made mistakes? It might make for a safe life, but safe isn’t always the right choice.
Learning more and more about yourself as the years pass is a beautiful way to stay connected to what you truly want for yourself.  And concluding that what you want for yourself is a remarkable and awakening thing. So with that being said, I’ve made a list of (some) of my resolutions as I wave goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016 with open arms. Here goes….

  1. Learn to love myself more.  Each year I say this.  Hell, I even have it tattooed on my foot.  But sometimes I lose sight of why I got it permanently placed into my skin in the first place.  I need to remember to take care of Number 1 before I can take care of anyone else.
  2. Work on my mind-body connection. Several doctors, therapists, and yoga instructors have commented on the intensity of my mind-body connection.  When my mind is going through something stressful, it manifests somewhere in my body, wreaking havoc on places like my stomach, my head, my back. This needs to stop, and only I can work on helping that connection by spending more time alone, listening to my mind, and bringing more peace into my life.
  3. Learn how to fall asleep thinking positive thoughts.  Sometimes when I lay in bed at night, my mind races and crazy thoughts dance through my mind making it hard to fall asleep. So when I feel this happening I try to stop. I pray to my nine angels and ask them to help me fall asleep. That, and the occasional sleeping pill usually does the trick ;)  I need to continue working on this.
  4. Write more.  I feel like I’ve been slacking on my own personal writing because I’ve been caught up with work and writing for my blog clients. Personal writing keeps me sane, and I really don’t want to go insane.
  5. GET MORE ORGANIZED. I am quite possibly the most disorganized person in the free world, besides at work.  At home, in my car, anywhere else, it’s safe to say I can’t find anything and will spend a good hour looking for my black bra until I’m crying telling my boyfriend that we ARE NOT LEAVING THIS HOUSE UNTIL I FIND IT. Then I find it under my bed and smile, go to put some chapstick on, and then it begins again… WE ARE NOT LEAVING UNTIL I FIND THIS CHAPSTICK…. Sounds fun, wanna live with us??
  6. Spend more time with Nala.  She needs me as much as I need her.   So instead of a typical Saturday night out, maybe I’ll spend more Saturday nights in with her.  Get a cat they said, it will be fun they said….
  7. Cherish family. My family. Your family.  My boyfriend’s family.  My best friend’s family.  Get closer to them. Learn their stories.  Let them leave marks on my heart so permanent that should they leave their life on this earth, I’ll always have a connection nothing can break.
  8. Get healthier! Less sugar, carbs, alcohol.  More greens, clean foods, less heavy beers.  I mean let’s face it, I’m still going to enjoy fun foods and drinks sometimes, I am just saying less is best. More time at the gym, less time complaining about traffic. More face creams and cleaners, less nights falling asleep with a face full of makeup.  I’m almost 29, people… the wrinkles are starting…
  9. TRAVEL. I want to travel to new cities.  Maybe I will start a jar of cities I want to visit and once or twice a year, pick from that jar and make it my goal to save money and get our bums there. You never know you’re going to meet when you’re in a new place. New friends are so fun!
  10. Stop trying to change people.  This is a tough one, guys.  I have to learn that people will only change when and if they want to.  And, if they want to change something to make you feel better and make your life better, then it’s time to be grateful.  If they don’t, it’s time to accept that and move on.
  11. Start to care less about what other people think of me. No matter who you are -- girl, boy, model, homeless, beautiful, ugly, skinny, fat, you care what people think, and if you tell me you don’t, you’re lying. Everyone cares. Everyone gets insecure. But what I’m trying to do, and this is probably the most important resolution on this list, is to not care as much what people think.  What I do is my business and if I’m not directly affecting you, then you need to back off, go home, look in the mirror, and do exactly what I’m trying to do.  Care less.  You were born an original, so let that shine.
  12. Control my temper.  Sometimes I fly off the handle and immediately regret it. SO temper, you’re getting thrown into the trash with the beer cans and new year’s eve confetti this year. See ya never!
  13. Continue this list. The possibilities are endless, and I hope you have some of your own resolutions, too!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a beautifully happy, healthy, and safe New Year with minimal hangovers and lots of eye cream and vitamins for the morning after. :)